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hypocrisy and contradictions. the ultimate enemies of logical reasoning. no matter the subject, wherever they appear, i will be there to fight back. this is my duty, my responsibility as an activist. if i am to be punished or bashed for it, so be it.

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i find it incredibly boring to not be allowed to post anything.. and yes, i deserve it for believing i could possibly make a difference here with the way i need to speak. but it doesnt mean the means to that end was justified.

to alleviate the boring status i'm undergoing, i encourage anyone and everyone, be they mod or not,  to come over and tell me why they think any specific rule is or isnt justified. 

Using racist, sexist, homophobic or hateful language.- not in the least. what is racist, sexist, or hateful to one, is a compliment to another.  


Posting pornographic (including cartoon porn) or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material. Exceptions include NG staff or if you're posting to the Art Forum and it's relevant rather than downright perverted.-i dont give a crap one way or the other about this one.



Linking to pornographic or NSFW material without a clear warning.-this all depends on the purpose behind said post. as such, it shouldnt be a rule.


Linking to viruses, referral sites, or maliciously coded websites either in your signature or in your post.

totally justified. you're hurting someone's computer without their consent.


Discussing illegal activities - including, but not limited to: ROMs, cracks, warez and hacking.

bullshit. we all know this one isnt enforced properly in any way whatsoever. so it follows that it shouldnt be a rule until it is enforced properly.  the spirit of this law is that we have it so people wont ask for help doing these things, or for it to be provided for them. not prohibition for it's own sake, or the virtual entirety of ng would be permabanned by now.

spirit of the law is defined as "what people tend to as a whole when bothering to enforce it". not as in "what it's original purpose was". de jure and de facto rarely overlap. you cannot say one thing and do another.

Instigating or discussing malicious attacks on other websites.

depends on the motives behind said attack. could be that the site is inherently malicious and needs to be attacked to protect society. sane activists do this all the time.  so it shouldnt be a rule inherently.

Posting with an alternate account whilst banned or your main account while an alt is banned. Both accounts may be deleted.

depends on what defines  an alt. if a mere sock puppet account made and used by the same individual, i highly agree it's justified.

Posting any member's real life information without permission.

extend this one to "talking about another non-moderator member in a negative way behind their back without permission", this one doesnt go far enough.


Impersonating Administrators, Moderators, or Newgrounds regulars.

how is this possibly enforcable? one cannot simply convincingly impersonate staff if they dont know advanced coding. this means you cant just up and ban the person who does this. they will hack your entire webpage to make it so they're unbannable. 

Bumping any old topic without a good reason and new information.

depends on the nature of the topic. this one should be a rule, but needs revision.


Attempting to smartass your way around these rules.

oh sure.. a smartass is totally not an ambiguous term that could be taken to mean anything a mod wants it to.

(sorry i just had to..)


Remaking or complaining about a locked or deleted thread by creating a new thread.

i suppose i can roll with this one..


Complaining or boasting about any ban, including comments in signature text.

this one is never okay to ban for. just no... especially if it wasnt a logically justified ban.


Backseat modding: pointing out what needs to be deleted, banned, locked or destroyed.

i dont really care one way or the other about this one either.


Posting flashing or strobing images, or picture spamming: repeatedly posting the same picture or posting irrelevant / overused images such as the FAIL picture.


why dafuq are these two things listed under the same rule? the first half i agree with, you might kill the epileptics.. but the second part.. why on earth not?


ALL CAPS posting.

what if their keyboard is broken and defaults to all caps? what if they are gramattically illiterate? too many variables here. it's a damn good thing this one is under "what might get you banned" and not "what will".


Chasing / harassing / flaming other users, regardless of who instigated it.

i agree here.

Harassing other users by having a continuous negative or bitter attitude towards them.

that isnt inherently a "harrassment." one needs to say things of a personal nature, directed twoards them in particular, in order to be harrasment. so a pm that says something to the effect of "you're the biggest faggot ever" and/or is threatening on a personal level.. that's harrasment.


one that just says "people of this specific ethnicity are evil, including you", while though certainly not nice, isnt harrasment. so you cant call it such when banning for it.

Insulting or harassing the moderators or administrators.

insults should never be bannable. also, mods have no right to distinctify themselves in a positive way from other users. so this should all be covered in the last rule, and not be a rule in itself.

Trolling: cruising the boards looking for a fight.

depends on your definiton of a fight. i know what trolling is and what it isnt. cruising the boards in such a manner is not inherently trolling.

Sniping or knocking established NG groups, such as the Clocks, Locks, IWP.

i was too young to remember them, so it doesnt matter to me...

Repeatedly advertising your website.

i agree.  but only because of the adbot and spammer types.. putting your site in a sig is something that shouldnt be a violation.. and ive known several mods that do just that.

Recreating a thread that has been created recently. Use the search bar before hitting "New Topic".

no... just no... nobody has time to use the search bar every single time... just like nobody has the patience to read eulas.  south park's plot aint too far away from happenin at this rate...


Posting excessively in a language other than English for the sole purpose of excluding the majority of the users.

how can you possibly determine that this is their intent? you cant read their minds.. you racist bastards...

Creating parody threads or posting with gimmick accounts.

what the hell?  can you get any more ambiguous than that?

Making stats threads.

ehh.. i cant really see what a stats thread could possibly be.. so i stand corrected. this is ambiguous to the max.


Posting "Use the search", "Use Google" or similar messages without providing relevant links.

we're only being helpful.. if you ask us to be more helpful direct instead of making a rule about it we might... if not, revise the rule to say "insisting you dont need to post relevant links even after being asked" or something to that effect.


Posting lame chat conversations. No one cares. Seriously.

no chat is ever lame. seriously.

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